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Barbara Blake-Hannah made history and headlines in 1968, when she became the first Black TV journalist in Britain on THAMES-TV’s daily evening show, ‘Today with Eamonn Andrews’. Living in Britain from 1964-72 she worked with BBC-TV and Radio, ATV-Birmingham and CHANNEL 4-TV. This memoir shares the development of her racial consciousness while living and working in London during Britain’s ‘Swinging Sixties’,   in the heart of radical movements like Black Power and Flower Power.
Barbara’s fourth book ‘GROWING OUT:BLACK HAIR AND BLACK PRIDE’,  is a memoir of her early years and the racism she encountered, as Britain’s first Black television reporter/interviewer. The book gives insights into the development of her Black racial consciousness at a time when Swinging London was a center of popular music, radical Black Power thought, the mystical hippie movement and the global anti-Viet Nam war movement.
JOSEPH COVERJoseph – A Rasta Reggae Fable – Review by JOE JURGENSON – MIDNIGHT RAVER Blog – 4/2013Most Bob Marley books fit into one of the standard categories such as biographies, photography or songbooks. But fortunately one in particular that creates its own category is ‘Joseph- A Rasta Reggae Fable.’  As the title suggest it is a fable about Joseph, a “fictional” reggae musician from the Third World who rises up to worldwide fame only to ride off into the African sunset.  Sound somewhat familiar?Written by the wonderful Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah and first published by Jamaica Media Productions Ltd. In 1991 this book has had three editions published to date.  The first edition and second printing were both published by Jamaica Media Productions and each has its own beautiful artistic cover.   Jamaica Media Productions has just published the third edition. It is now an easy book to find and one I highly suggest to all Marley lovers.  After my first read, it instantly became one of my favorites. For those that know the Bob Marley story the fable will flow right along but Barbara will always throw in a few surprises for you.  It’s a happy ending and one I wish could have been a reality.


new RTNC coverRASTAFARI – THE NEW CREATION (Gold Medal Edition)The first book on RASTA written by a member of the faith (1980) now in 7th Edition.Over the years reggae music and Rastafarianism have become so entwined that many see them as one in the same, but in reality how many people across the world who listen to reggae music really follow or fully understand the beliefs of Rastafari as well?  This book written by the respected Jamaican author Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah is a good way for people who want to learn more about what actually lies behind this religious movement / lifestyle from the view point of someone who is a member of the faith. Originally published in 1980 this 7th edition contains revised text with chapters on Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Ethiopia and the Bible plus explanations on Rastafari views on the divinity of Emperor Haile Selassie I, the use of the Ganja Sacrament and the call for Reparations and Repatriation. There are also for the first time colour photos depicting Ethiopian Kwerata Re’esu (Christ with the Crown of Thorns), Emperor Haile Selassie, the Black Madonna and Bob Marley. Given the Ethiopian Orthodox Church baptizmal name Makeda, in 1984, the Ethiopian Crown Council awarded her a Gold Adowa Centenary Medal in 1998 for her services to the Ethiopian Royal family, and in 2010 the Rastafari Youth Initiative Council (Jamaica) presented her with an Empress Menen Award.

homeschool coverhomeschoolHOME – THE FIRST SCHOOL  A Homeschooling Guide to Early Childhood Education.  A pioneer of homeschooling in Jamaica, Barbara Blake Hannah taught her son to read by age 3 years and continued his education for life. At age 13 years her son Makonnen was declared a ‘genius’ and appointed Youth Technology Consultant to the Government of Jamaica.  The book describes her process and the people that inspired her.  Guidance, tips, links and rationale for the hands-on method of ensuring and enhancing children’s education.


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