One Million Views – ‘Da MastaPeace’


iyaha gift

IYAH GIFT, an Jamaican artist just starting his career, has gained more than One Million views of his first music video “Da MastaPeace” on the Vube website. The song is a plea for peace while exposing injustice in the African Diaspora, and was first posted to the popular website at the end of June with little or no promotion. Yet it has caught the attention of thousands of viewers, leading to its unprecedented popularity. On Vube’s website weekly highlights of the videos with the most views, “Da MastaPeace” has been on the front page for the past 3 weeks — unprecedented attention for an unknown artist .

mastaPeace pic

Now the song has finally been released on YouTube.

Iyah Gift is the performance name of Seun Wilson, whose Jamaican/Nigerian parentage and US university education have given him a wide range of experiences from which to source his explosive lyrics. He has been co-producing music for young artists of the new generation of reggae for the past 5 years, then started recording his own songs in 2012, working with producer Makonnen ‘MakiB’ Hanna who composed the riddim on ‘MastaPeace’.

Rseenal & Iyah Gift
Rseenal & Iyah Gift

For “Da MastaPeace” he invested in production of a music video and promoted the song himself with appearances on HYPE-TV, as well as live performances at venues around Kingston. These included the first Pay Attention showcase in New Kingston with Rseenal D’Artillery and Kabaka Pyramid in May, and the Acoustic Lounge show starring Dre Island, Kelissa and Keznamdi McDonald and Mystic Revelation of Rastafari in July. Iyah Gift is also one of the artists on the new song “Set It Off” produced by Orange Hill music collaboration in a black-and-white video that has drawn attention to the song even before its official release.

When not recording, IYAH GIFT is an active member of the Rastafari Youth Initiative Council which mentors students at Haile Selassie School, runs a rural organic farm and hosts an annual event honouring Rastafari Empresses. He has also performed on the Peace Mobile operated by the Community Service Justice programme run by the Police which travels around the island promoting peace in communities. Look forward to new music from IYAH GIFT including his new single “Blazing Fiya”featuring Kabaka Pymarid, and “Whenever” featuring former Miss Jamaica Regina Beavers, a.k.a.Gina Starz. “Da MastaPeace” and “Set It Off” are both available on Itunes.

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