Stepping out, Stepping UP – Maki-B

Mak FoundationStepping out from behind the producer’s console, where he made hits for Capelton, Jr. Reid and Teflon — to name a few, Makonnen Blake-Hanna a.k.a. ‘Maki-B’ shows his musical and lyrical style in a sampler of singles from the New Generation of Reggae. From growing up around producers like Computer Paul Henton, Scatta Burrell, Don Corleone and more, and with more than a decade as a composer and producer of beats for a number of young reggae artists, Makonnen Blake-Hanna is fulfilling his lifelong ambition to bring his own music and lyrics to the world.

Alone, and in combination with his musical friends IyahGift, Rseenal D’Artillery, Whisky Baggio, Mc Chita, and in alliance with Orange Hill Records, he is now releasing his music in singles and videos that give him a chance to express himself musically and lyrically. The songs have a uptempo throwback to the old school style of roots dub/reggae and dancehall vibez from the great sounds we are used to hearing from the heart of Jamaica, with clean messages and uplifting riddims that inspire and educate through JAH Love. These tracks speak to and for the youths of ghetto all over the world right now.

LISTEN TO ‘RED EYE’ from his new EPK

Maki-B says “Red Eye” is a lyrical look into the life of a young Rasta man living in Babylon in this day and age, and how he uses the teachings of Rastafari to conquer the bad=minded people. “We are the new generation of real Jamaican Rastafari Reggae Artists & musicans” he says,  “so we face many things in our musical life’s journey. My style is blended from the great elders like Bob Marley, Supercat, Briadeer Jerry, U-Roy with some new vibez like Damian Jr Gong, Ky-Mani Marley, Sean Paul and Colibudz.”

Iyah Gift, Whisky Baggio, 77 Klash,Maki-B & Orange Hill Mgr. Scur Lowe
Iyah Gift, Whisky Baggio, 77 Klash,Maki-B & Orange Hill Mgr. Scur Lowe

Maki-B is bringing Orange Hill Music back into the limelight after so many years, by introducing to the label a new breed of artists he has beenn working with who are unique and already making names in the reggae music industry: Jamaican/Nigerian Iyah Gift, Rseenal D’artillery – a Heiniken DJ contest winner;MC Chita – Zimbabwean music award winner, and ‘star of the West’ Whisky Baggio.

For certain, they will surely be next year’s reggae music talking points. Their first release “Set It Off” has attracted national attention on social media and already has more than half a million views in less than one month of release.

Following hard on the heels of that hit, the team produced “Pressure Is On” featuring Whisky Bagio, produced at Flex RichStudio in Sav-la-Mar, Westmoreland. The video was so hot, the group was featured and interviewed on HYPE-TV’s popular UP & LIVE Friday show. Much more is expected and much more is promised from Maki-B and his team.


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