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Orange Hill Records was a pioneer of digital music studios back in 2000, when Kareem Goodison, Aaron Johnston and Scur Lowe began making music from their base at 10A West Kings House Road, home of Perry Henzell’s HARDER THEY COME film studio.  Then two partners moved abroad and all went to other income-earning projects, promising to return to do more with the vast catalog of compositions created for themselves and artists recording on the riddims.

Rseenal & Iyah Gift
Rseenal & Iyah Gift
Mak Foundation

Now, under the director of Scur Lowe, Orange Hill has begun working with a collection of young reggae artists who have been making a name for themselves as a ‘New Reggae Generation’ of Jamaican music.  They include Jamaican/Nigerian IYAH ‘The Gift’ (whose video ‘MastaPeace” has passed the million-views mark), Heiniken DJ competition-winner Rseenal D’Artillery, award-winning Zimbabwe rapper MC Chita and composer/artist Makonnen ‘MakiB’ Hanna, who feature on the new single “SET IT OFF”.

sav1Moving West to Savannah-la-Mar, Orange Hill spent a week recording with artists at Flex Rich Studio.  Sav, as the town is popularly known, lies on the South Western coast of Jamaica and it’s wide harbour is used to ship sugar from surrounding estates dating back to slavery times. To get there, we drove the North Coast highway past beautiful views of the coastline and beaches, through the luxury resorts of Montego Bay, then cut over the mountains into Westmoreland to Sav, as the town is known. Five years ago Sav was a sleepy rural town best known as the last major Western town before Negril.

IMG-20130921-00872Today an infusion of wealth has upgraded the town with new multi-storey plazas, wholesale shops, fast food outlets and large offices for banks and building societies. It is said that the illegal ‘lottery scam’ has brought wealth to many and is evidenced by the many beautiful homes replacing the traditional and equally beautiful wooden houses which decorate Sav’s residental neighbourhoods. 

Entertainment events gets much support in Sav, especially events promoted by Queen T (Tia Rainford) who also organizes an annual Kite Fest to raise funds for youth charities.

'Queen T' Rainford
‘Queen T’ Rainford
Whisky Baggio

The star of Flex Rich Studio is Whisky Baggio, currently receiving multiple airplays on Elise Kelly’s popular daily IRIE-FM show ‘Easy Skanking’ for his song: “WHEN THE GOOD A-GO COME?”  Orange Hill recorded a new song for Whisky Baggio, featuring Flex Rich artist DamiO, with Iyah Gift and MakiB, and then filmed the video, edited it and posted it online by weekend.

The week ended with a performance by Whisky Baggio at the Birthday Party and stage show for popular Sav personality ‘Mr. Universe’ held at Queen T’s venue Coconut Cove, that also featured I-Octane and D’Angel. The evening was hosted by Sister Elise, who gave a big hail-up to Orange Hill and artists visiting from Kingston, who included 77Klash, Jamaican artist working in New York, on his annual visit home.

The evening ended at 4 a.m. after the Police had kindly accommodated the late lock off — a lovely gesture that was in keeping with the ONE LOVE that was shared by all.  All in all, a productive trip to Sav, and more good music to share with the World! Congrats to Orange Hill Records!

Iyah Gift, Whisky Baggio, 77Klash, MakiB & Scur Lowe