The REGGAE FILM FESTIVAL is happy to announce that several international film makers will be coming to present their films in person at the Festival. They include:

roy anderson2Akwantu Poster_2013 (1)ROY T. ANDERSON, director ‘AKWANTU – THE JOURNEY‘ – Feature Documentary. Jamaican-born, New Jersey-based director set out to weave his own personal Maroon ancestral sojourn with a more significant historical journey that tells the tale of his heroic ancestors and  explores an important part of Jamaican culture that has long fascinated observers. Through this 87-minute film audiences will learn about a people – the Maroons, who are often referred to as the Spartacus of their time, except these enslaved Africans were victorious in their fight for freedom. Poorly armed and outgunned, these brave warriors engaged the mighty British super power over an 80-year period and were victorious. A veteran stuntman/stunt coordinator, Anderson is a world record holder and an award winning stuntman. For more than twenty-five years he has performed stunts for such Hollywood stars as Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx. While continuing his stunt work, Anderson has flipped the script to direct his first film.

Hll & Gully 1PATRICEJOHNSONPATRICE JOHNSON CHEVANNES, director ‘HILL & GULLY’ – Feature film. Ms. Johnson is a Jamaican born, US-based actor, writer, director and producer who has shared the stage with Sir Patrick Stewart as Desdemona to his Othello. Patrice has worked with other acclaimed actor ssuch as Academy Award nominees, Liam Neeson and Laura Linney in the 2002 award winning revival of ‘The Crucible’ directed by Sir Richard Eyre. With a Bachelors of Performing Arts from The City College of New York, a successful acting career, but with a growing impatience regarding the dearth of quality roles for Black female actors, Patrice started writing. With a keen interest in civil rights, politics, sociology and the arts, Patrice felt compelled to infuse her writing with the layered experiences of her family as Caribbean immigrants living in New York.

Danielle Scott-Haughton

Dear Jesus PosterDANIELLE A.SCOTT-HAUGHTON is the 24 year-old writer, director and producer at British production company WONDERLONDON FILMS. Formerly the editor at fashion and lifestyle magazine SUPER SUPER, Danielle has over 5 years experience producing videos for fashion and music brands Reebok, BoxFresh and Boy Better Know. Graduating from University of the Arts, London with a degree in Broadcast, Danielle set up WONDERLONDON FILMS in 2011. In 2012 she created the original web based drama series ‘DEAR JESUS’. After securing funding through social media from Tilsa Wright in exchange for product placement of her book Star Boy in the series, the second season of Dear Jesus was released in March 2013. ‘DEAR JESUS’ Season 3 will go into pre-production in early summer and is scheduled for release in the Autumn of 2013.

born in trenchtown poster (2)

GREG PONDBORN IN TRENCHTOWN’This film is directed by US film maker GREG POND,researched by Jamaican architect Christopher Whyms-Stone, author of the papers ‘A Residential Arrangement: The usefulness of the Tenement Yard in the Design of Social Housing’ and ‘Government Yards of Trench Town’, and produced by Dixon Myers, Co-ordinator of Outreach at Swanee, the University of the South, who have both dedicated many years to rebuilding Trench Town. It is this architectural perspective that has given ‘Born in Trench Town’ its unique place among the many films made about this culturally and politically important Jamaican community.  It’s the first time a film on Trench Town has provided this intimate view, beginning with a perspective that reveals Trench Town as originally a highly-designed community built by architects and town planners around a modern version of an African village compound.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 2.05.20 PM KIM GERTLER, director  LIVE WIRE – DANCEHALL NIGHT – Music doc.  presents a time capsule of the emergence of Jamaica’s dancehall music onto the world scene in the early 1990’s. Commissioned for CBC TV’s “The Journal,” this highly charged, deeply-researched film has not been seen since its two on air broadcasts in 1992. With a background as a producer/director with Global TV and CBC TV , the Toronto-born filmmaker and writer has been covering the Jamaican culture scene since the mid-1980’s and has interviewed, filmed and recorded dozens of Jamaica’s writers, recording artists and inovators. Gertler co-authored the obituary of Jamaica’s recording legend Coxsone Dodd for The Economist.  His films include “Lady Bushdoctor” about the Maroon herbal healer Ivelyn Harris (Discovery Channel); the 2001 film “On the Arts – Harry Belafonte in Jamaica” (CBC); “Chris Blackwell Profile”, (BRAVO! 2000) and “Jamaica’s New Wave,” a piece done about Jamaica’s independent filmmakers for CITY TV in 1999.

Also coming:  MONICA HAIM, director ‘AWAKE ZION (Documentary) STEPHANIE SLADE, Director “JAMAICA LAND’ (Music Video),  PAULETTE KING: Director ‘FORGIVENESS – LESSONS OF LIFE’ (Feature)

photo (1)stephanie sladePAULETTE KING

The REGGAE FILM FESTIVAL looks forward to welcoming these film makers to Jamaica. See you at ISLAND VILLAGE, OCHO RIOS, AUGUST 1-5.

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  1. It’s great to see all these wonderful and unique films come together and shown in one place, Jamaica now has another jewel in it’s crown! I have decided to fly over for the film festival this year, I decided it’s just too good a thing to miss!!!


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