RASTAFARI – THE NEW CREATION Gold Medal Edition to benefit Elders

RASTAFARI – THE NEW CREATION – New Edition to Benefit Elders

The Rastafari people of Jamaica started a religious movement, a lifestyle and a music that have each been studied at length by various academics, cultural anthropologists, authors, researchers, film makers and curious people of many nations. Many of these have submitted books, theses, reports and films on the Rastafarians beliefs and lifestyle.

However, studying a human group and thereafter providing an accurate depiction of their deepest beliefs from the viewpoint of an outsider can produce inaccuracies, nor can such studies be as profound or as real as a report by a member of the group being studied.

After years of studies and reports about Rastafari by non-practitioners of the faith, in 1980 RASTAFARI – THE NEW CREATION became the first book ever written by a member of the faith. Arising from a series of newspaper articles she had written, author Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah, herself a Rastafari, developed them into 12 chapters and published the first edition in New York.

Kwerata Re’esu

With subsequent editions in Jamaica and England, the simply-written book about a first-hand experience became a well-known and widely distributed source of information that for the first time explained Rastafari beliefs and thinking from someone living as a Rasta. With chapters on Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Ethiopia and the Bible, the book also fully explained Rastafari views on the divinity of Emperor Haile Selassie I, the use of the Ganja Sacrament and the call for Reparations and Repatriation.

The book has been updated several times with text revisions. This 7th Gold Medal edition with a new cover and revised text is the first to contain several pages of colour photos, including full-page icons of the Ethiopian Kwerata Re’esu (Christ with the Crown of Thorns), Emperor Haile Selassie, the Black Madonna and Bob Marley. The book is available exclusively on order from Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle editions and the author has announced that 10% of royalties will go to the establishment of a Rastafari Elders Medical Fund. Copies can be ordered at: http://www.amazon.com/RASTAFARI-CREATION-Gold-Medal-Edition/dp/1477583696


Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah is a Jamaican journalist, author, film maker and cultural consultant who has been living as a Rasta since 1972. Well-known for her outspoken views on Jamaican culture, entertainment and society, her other books are JOSEPH – A RASTA REGGAE FABLE, a novel inspired by the life of Bob Marley; HOME – THE FIRST SCHOOL a homeschooling guide, and GROWING OUT: BLACK HAIR AND BLACK PRIDE about how living in British racism developed her racial consciousness.

She served from 1984-87 as an Independent Senator in the Jamaican Parliament. She was awarded the Gold Adowa Centenary Medal in 1998 by the Ethiopian Crown Council, and in 2010 the Rastafari Youth Initiative presented her with the Empress Menen Award ‘in recognition of her Incredible Itribution to the Rastafari Nation’. In 2011 she was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the British Entertainment Film, Fashion & Theatre (BEFTTA) organization. She lives in Kingston, Jamaica.

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