Mrs. Barbara Blake-Hannah’s company JAMAICA MEDIA PRODUCTIONS has restarted its operations as a Public Relations and Communications service to the Jamaican music industry. The company successfully handled the media relations of the recently concluded REGGAE FILM FESTIVAL, issuing releases, blogs and digital messages that informed the media of the event’s plans and personalities, and provided material for their press, radio and TV stories. In 2011 JaMediaPro launched Jamaica’s first solar recording studio Sugashak Records and promoted its first single “Go Roun’ Dem” by singer Keke-I to national attention.

As a journalist, Mrs. Blake-Hannah has been covering the entertainment industry for various newspapers, radio stations, internet magazines and blogs for many years. Her knowledge of the industry and its chief stars is legendary, having written articles about all of Jamaica’s great musicians and musical moments since the 1970s. Mrs. Blake-Hannah’s  list of former clients include Sizzla Kalonji, Aidonia, Norris Man, Turbalance, Buju Banton/Gargamel Studios, Lutan Fiya, Teflon and Droop Lion, and she has written articles and reviews of all Jamaica’s major annual music events, album launches and special celebrations.

Since its inception in 1998, JaMediaPro has showcased the younger generation of reggae music-makers who are breaking new ground while holding fast to the traditions already set by the icons of Jamaica’s unique culture. This re-launch of JaMediaPro’s operations will enable the company to shine the Spotlight on the career development of a select group of new Jamaican artists with planned programmes to bring them to public attention via the electronic, print and digital media.With decades of experience as a foundation, JAMAICA MEDIA PRODUCTIONS offers quality services to Music Artists and Companies seeking to create and establish an effective national and international media presence.

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