Introducing GHANA Dancehall star FUJY DE KONERO

‘OUTTA DE SLUM’ – Showcasing GHANA Dancehall Star FUJY DE KONERO

FUJY DE KONERO lives in Accra, Ghana, Africa. But he has reached out across the ocean to a Jamaican music company that he hopes will be his bridge from Africa to Jamaica, home of his favourite musical genre.   

Elvin K Fujymorre was born in Accra. His friends calls him De Konero which means THE TOUGH ONE.  Fujy was a very outspoken boy and became known in his community of Kwashieman, Accra for his profound views, especially those which pertained to key issues of the time: social injustice and African people.  As a result he wanted to be a lawyer to help people, but Fujy was musically inclined from his youth and he felt it was a manifestation of God that made him chose a career in music. 

EARLY CAREER    His early musical interest was rap and he loved hip-hop so much that he even wrote rap songs instead learning his notes in class. Even though he wanted to achieve his mother’s dream of becoming a lawyer, instead he was using his note books to write hot lyrics for his class mates and himself.

FALLING IN LOVE WITH REGGAE    As Fujy was growing up he began to fall in love with reggae music because of its lyrical content and the positive vibes, as well as the teachings. His early reggae musical influences were Bob Marley, Stephen Marley, Morgan Heritage, Capleton, Beenie Man, Gentleman,  Sizzla ,Vybz Kartel, Sean Paul and Lutan Fyah.  Capleton was his favourite because he liked the length of his lyrics, which inspired him to create longer lyrics for his own songs.  If you ask Fujy what genre of his music he performs, he will tell you “I am versatile and I can sing rap and ragga on any kind of beat.  I am a leader of the music I do and not a follower. ”

Always looking to reach wider audiences, Fujy searched the social media until he found a sound he liked on Facebook at MultiCast Records, a Jamaican label who liked his work and uploaded a riddim.  Fujy has worked with several beat producers around the world and has recorded with international artists like Jamaican dancehall star Rseenal Di Artillary , Sir Giant  – one of the best beat producers/musicians in Portugal and he also did a “Refix” of Asa’s Jailer song. Now signed to MultiCast Records, his first single “QUEEN OF THE NIGHT”  will be released shortly. Meanwhile, this video “Outta De Slum” shows his talent.

REGGAE TALENT IN AFRICA   Fujy De Konero is one of the fresh hottest reggae-dancehall, hip-hop artists in Africa with international potential, whose strong voice and lyrical talent will continue to give him nonstop hits.  His career is truly a unique one and shows that reggae music continues to build a  strong link between Africa and Jamaica, especially through the younger generation of artists.



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