HOME – THE FIRST SCHOOL published in Jamaica

Dear Readers,
I am proud and happy to announce publication of my book HOME – THE FIRST SCHOOL: a HomeSchooling Guide to Early Childhood Education. With funding from the C.H.A.S.E. Fund and distribution by Novelty Trading Co., the book has finally reached bookstores.

I started homeschooling my son when he was born 24 years ago, and though I knew little about the process, I found that my early efforts to impart knowledge were providing a foundation for his education. His natural thirst for knowledge encouraged me to continue feeding him information via books, videos and music and as time went by I was able to link with homeschoolers on the Internet and through the many books on the subject.

When we got a computer and, later, the internet, the computer became an important tool in the process and continues to aid his life-long education to this day.

So many people have asked me questions about homeschooling, especially after my son made history and international news by being appointed a Government technology consulant at the age of 13 years. After answering so many questions, I finally wrote a book that tells of my experiences and,hopefully, provides a guide for parents interested in homeschooling.

The book addresses such topics as Choosing a Curriculum, The Computer as Teacher, Internet Links, the Montessori Method, So What About College, and The Breast is Best.

A website will soon be launched and copies will soon be available for website sale.

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