The Jamaica World Cinema Showcase, a presentation of grassroots independent international films previously unseen in Jamaica, begins on Tuesday OCTOBER 6 -9, 2009 at Finnigans Winery, on Cranbourne Avenue by Dumbarton Avenue off Eastwood Park Road, St. Andrew.

The Showcase is an effort to provide an alternative screening of films that rarely get shown in Jamaica and yet which have received international distribution and acclaim. Produced by Lloyd Laing, the Showcase offers a wide variety in its interesting Programme. These include a special VIP Opening Night screening of “F**K – the Film that Dares Not Speak its Name”; ‘Bashment Granny – The Movie” of the popular ‘roots’ play; “Antonia” a film from Brazil about four young female pop singers trying to rise from the favelas, and “Fidel – The Untold Story” a Cuban documentary that takes an intimate look at 40 years of the Cuban revolution.

The Showcase features a special sneak preview of “The Heart of Summer” the new Jamaican feature film starring leading Jamaican actor Paul Campbell that is scheduled for Friday, October 9 and will be of interest to all movie lovers.

The Showcase is endorsed by the Jamaica Film Academy and the most popular films will be featured in a World Cinema Showcase feature of the Reggae Film Festival 2010.

Sponsors of the Jamaica Film Showcase include Talk TV, a new cable channel, and Stanley Motta Rentals, Jamaica’s leader in multimedia equipment rental and sales and Finnigans Winery, a relaxing wine bar popular with young executives.

With just days to go, it seems the Jamaica World Cinema Showcase is going to be a fun event. Organizers have created a laid back outdoor venue complimented with wine and cheese at great prices. Other concessions at the venue include a menu of Shrimp, Steak and Vegan Kebabs, Donuts, Tea, Coffee Cake and off course…Popcorn 🙂

Call 469.4760 or visit the JAMAICA WORLD CINEMA website at http://jwcs09.ning.com for trailers, schedule, and directions. SEE MAP BELOW.

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